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matRad - an open source multi-modality radiation treatment planning system

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Recent release, news & upcoming Hackfest

26 November 2020

We are happy to announce our second major release: matRad “Blaise” (v2.10.1).
But before we swamp you with information about what’s changed and our future plans (which you can find further below), we want to direct your attention to something imminent:

The upcoming (virtual) matRad Hackfest:
This yearly matRad coding session will take place next week on December 3 as virtual online hackathon. From 10:00 am (CET) on our group at DKFZ will dedicate this day to matRad development and give you the opportunity to join us via Zoom. You are free to use this opportunity to discuss projects, contributions, ask for help, request features, etc. You will be able to access the zoom room using (URL removed) on that day. You can also let us know beforehand to make sure we are not on a break when you join. We will be available to approx. 10:00 pm (CET).

And now for the remaining release information and news…

Changes in the development team:
Previous matRad chief developer Mark passed on the baton to Niklas. While Mark is still involved in the development of matRad and you will occasionally find him contributing and replying to inquiries on GitHub, Niklas will now be the go-to person if you need help with your research projects in matRad.

Release Info for matRad “Blaise”:
matRad 2.10.1 already marks the first patch to the original “Blaise” release 2.10.0 (which we allowed to breath on GitHub for some time in solitude), introducing quite a lot of changes, bug fixes and, primarily, the following new main features:

For a full list of changes see the ChangeLog.txt file in the matRad Code.

What about future plans?
Currently, we are working towards version 3 which will include some of the following:

Not yet on our user-map http://map.matrad.org? Just let us know and we will add you asap!

by Niklas